Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Vietnam and Thailand

 Greetings All!

I have been away from blogging land for such a long time..and here is why! I have been travelling!

This was my 1st experience in Asia ( I can tick it off the list now!) and it was spectacular! I have never been so surprised, challenged, out of my comfort zone, inspired, amused, gobsmacked in one trip.

Thank goodness I had a group of very special friends to share it with. So if you have yet to do 'Asia' I suggest you get on it......here is my top 5 for your trip.
1) Carefully select the group to travel with! Anyone who claims they don't like noodles or rice is out immediately. People with good knowledge of card games in a bonus. Good bant, no mood swings v important.
2) Get yourself a guide book....you won't pay any attention to the book until you are in the actual country then within seconds it will turn into your bible.
3)Take an amazballs camera with you. yes that really expensive one you bought that you are scared to damage. This is after, the reason you bought the bloody thing.
4) Say 'Yes'. So you are out of the hum drum of your normal life...time to experience everything...so you better start saying yes to things. NB this does not apply to snakes blood, ignore 'The Beach'.
5)Dress the part, embrace the filth and and go with the flow. If the locals stare, just stare back...this will land you in a 5 minute starring contest with a middle aged Vietnamese woman on a non air conditioned bus but will certainly pass a little time while your body attempts to survive in 42C heat! Your a local now! Do as they do!

 Print designers watch out.........IT IS INSPIRING! see below just a tiny snippet of great patterns I found! x x x x

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  1. OMG! i had no idea you were traveling in asia! when did you go? how come you didn't tell me about this when I was in England?! Take lots of photos and eat lots of noodles for me! I'm so jealous!!!! xox