Thursday, 26 May 2011

Canvas featured on Etsy Treasury!

Hello all!

Check this out.. my latest canvas has been featured on the April showers brings May flowers treasury!

Here she is ...the one and only...
x x x

Monday, 23 May 2011

New products on Etsy!


Greetings all....exciting news in a Just For The Halibut capacity! New products on the Etsy Site! Click here for a goosey gander! I heart etsy a lot of the time as a platform for artists and craftsmen to sell their homemade is some of my wares!

This is one of the two black and white canvases I made...a floral explosion of fabric leaves, paper flowers, ink drawings and spray paint! Oodles of detail and time went into these and they are perfect for a contemporary living space!

Vintage Wallpaper Canvas. This is another labour of love. Using collaging I cut out florals from genuine wallpaper from 195o's. Combined with my own paper drawing and illustrations directly on the canvas. There is so much detail on the canvas and the longer you look the more you find.

Original Kevin the Crow Screen print. Hand printed here in London, I have only 4 of these left so they are pretty special. The hand drawn crow is printed on lovely thick Somerset Velvet paper, signed and dated!

Have a look, tell your friends x x x

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Bonnie Scotland

Rain, Haggis, Mountains called Bens, Iron Bru, Kilts, Charles Rennie Mackintosh. I have had the most wonderful taste of Scotland. Arrrr WEEEEEE noooo, Ya weeee scottash Lassie.

During the visit this weekend I discovered the work of artist David Farrer. These paper mache constructed heads are his creation and are on display in Cameron House on the edge of Loch Lomand.

They are a fantastical light hearted approach to the traditional game stuffed and mounted. Much larger than you think, the sculptures are constructed from recycled materials. A wire frame gives the original shape and layers of paper mache (yes think back to those times when you were 5 and you made a terrific mess paper mache-ing of a saturday). He uses newspapers, magazines and images that often juxtapose (arty farty word) the creature itself. To give you an example, the Rames head is branded with Motorola. Up close the construction tells its own story.

Just to share with you a couple of our moody rainy Scotland pics.........
Loch Lomand itself.

Monday, 9 May 2011

When owls take over the world!

Happy monday fish friends.

I hope one day owls will take over the world. I want to share with you my 2 latest discoveries in the design field. Sass and Belle amazballs, cute label.

These guys have their own shop in covent garden garden and stock in shops up and down the country! They are synonymous with cute girly style and I appreciate their mixture of prints and patterns. I own the owl cushion, keyring and bunting and quite frankly that isn't enough.

The second discovery du jour is the work of Petra Boase I stumbled across this label after buying a sheet of lovely printed wrapping paper. Creating printed fabric, mugs, greeting cards, notebooks and much more in the cuteness department. With a sugar sweet colour palette and vintage influences this label crosses fashion to stationary to home.

Perfect for gift ideas and styling if anyone needs some gifting ideas (no not for me this time) then take a look!
This piece of wrapping paper is rocking my world right now! I bought it to use and now it is hung on my wall as art! Check out the beautifully collaged animals particually the owls!

Wednesday, 4 May 2011

How to be a unicorn!!

Forget the royal wedding I dressed up as a unicorn this weekend to celebrate the important landmark birthday of my friend Natalie! We partook in a little prancing round the park all in different animal costume under the gorgeous British sun!

me with the birthday tigress!

Here is your step by step guide to achieving the 'unicorn' look...
Firstly gather together a giant purple unicorn. Horses/ponies/zebra or any type of animal that looks pretty big will do. What you are looking for is to be able to fit your torso INSIDE that animal after a little tweaking.
Take a pair of scissors straight to the beast and cut down the belly and back. Then stick your hand right inside and yank out the stuffing.
All you need now is to yank your animal over your hips, attached some braces and VOILA you have your costume!
Time to hit the park! x x x