Monday, 9 May 2011

When owls take over the world!

Happy monday fish friends.

I hope one day owls will take over the world. I want to share with you my 2 latest discoveries in the design field. Sass and Belle amazballs, cute label.

These guys have their own shop in covent garden garden and stock in shops up and down the country! They are synonymous with cute girly style and I appreciate their mixture of prints and patterns. I own the owl cushion, keyring and bunting and quite frankly that isn't enough.

The second discovery du jour is the work of Petra Boase I stumbled across this label after buying a sheet of lovely printed wrapping paper. Creating printed fabric, mugs, greeting cards, notebooks and much more in the cuteness department. With a sugar sweet colour palette and vintage influences this label crosses fashion to stationary to home.

Perfect for gift ideas and styling if anyone needs some gifting ideas (no not for me this time) then take a look!
This piece of wrapping paper is rocking my world right now! I bought it to use and now it is hung on my wall as art! Check out the beautifully collaged animals particually the owls!

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