Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Last day competition!

Good day to you all and happy snow day!

Its the LAST DAY OF THE COMPETITION today! Entries have been flooding in and we have had a diverse range of style but Just For The Halibut loves it!
There is still time until midnight tonight....scan your designs in, at least 300dpi and email to

good luck fish fans!x x

Thursday, 25 November 2010

Youth Club!

Let me present to you Carnaby's new pop-up shop stocking Just For The Halibut tees!! yes...fish fans will know the winner of competition time will also have their tee stocked in this visual delight of an establishment!
Set up by PYMCA ...'the worlds leading global youth culture research site' who represent hundred of photographers. Youth Club is a gallery space, shop and cultural archive and just a flipping cool place to hang out! Its 1 min from Carnaby St, 35 Marshall St....go along say hello to Jolene....say Just For The Halibut sent you and be part of this exciting venture. For more info please email info@youthclublondon.com
see you there halibutarians x x

Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Competition Time!

Design your own T-shirt screen print
and have it made by Just For The Halibut!!

Hello all,
Just For The Halibut is launching its 1st competition and reeling in some talent from the fishing loving world. Put down your nets, lay aside your waders, give those maggots a break (all fish references) and pick up a pen!
Drum Roll.....Dun Dun Duuun..........Winner will..
Receive a free copy of their design and see their design stocked in
YOUTH CLUB shop just off Carnaby St. They will also receive discount
for friends and family for up to 5 tees! XMAS presents ahoy!!

To enter....
Create you artwork on an A4 piece of paper,
scan in at a high resolution, at least 300dpi
and email to justforthehalibut@hotmail.co.uk by 30th NOV.
Remember to include you name...all runners up will be
featured here on the BLOG!!

Print must be either 1 or 2 colours......ie not a photo, we won't be printing digitally kids.
Can be either men or womens design
Be creative, quirky, funny and an original design.
Good Luck Fish Fans!!

Thursday, 18 November 2010


What an amazing night! My first stall, and quite frankly I had a great time. I met some great people, made some sales and yes.....WON the competition for BEST STALL. Thank you ECCA. So I trundled upstairs to hear the winner of the best stall, only to stand there and hear....."and the winner is Just For The Halibut"!!
Needless to say I had NOT prepared anything to say as it was so unexpected...I think I bumbled some thanks and some congratulations and legged it off stage with my bottle of CHAMPERS in hand!!
So I'm going to thank the people who I really should right now (I've gone all Halle Berry at the Oscars here)
...to all the people at Ecca who put a great evening together and brought together many creative people from all disciplines.
.....to my tolerant and suportive flatmates, friends and boy.....who've all helped me and encouraged and put up with a phenomenal amount of mess making!
So now Just For The Halibut will have a stall at East London Design Show....arrrh!!!! Watch this space!!!

Wednesday, 17 November 2010


Good Morning all!!! Stall day is here!!! I'm flipping excited and on my 3rd cup of tea!

Looking forward to seeing you all there from 5pm here is a link to a map
3 Torrens St, UNLIKE what I said in previous blog, come out of ANGEL, turn left, walk, turn left then left again down Torrens St and you are looking for CANDID ARTS. The reason I failed my 1st driving test is cos I couldn't tell my right from my left, nuff said!
SEE YOU THERE x x x x x

Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Prepartion for wednesdays STALL!!

Hello all! Just for the halibut has had a hectic weekend doing muchos preparation for the ECCA stall on wednesday ( please do come along, deatils to follow) I've been sewing up, tagging labels, taking photos, making banners & display frames and admin admin admin! and of course a massive thank you to the Just for the halibut helpers, you know who you all are!
Bags of goodies for the stall...
In progress.......yes everything, and i mean everything is home made!!
Yes we even have branded bags....one free for every customer that purchases something!

So come along and see me....its open to the public, its free, its in Candid 3 torrens st, 5 mins walk from ANGEL tube. Come out of angel tube and turn right , walk up to city rd, then 1 minute later turn right onto torrens st...its basically on the road behind the tube.
5-10pm, booze, stalls, and DJs and a chance to start your xmas shopping!!
see you all there x x

Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Come and join the fishy ways!!

Hello all!!
Exciting news Fish Fans!
Just For The Halibut is having it 1st stall!! and yes you guessed it...You're invited! The event is a party/awards ceremony hosted by University of the Arts on Wednesday 17th November 5pm-10pm. There'll be a market place...with a Just For The Halibut stall....DJ's, booze and a chance to start your Christmas shopping early.....all items for sale will be £10 and under!

Bargins all round!

So come along...its free, bring some friends...have a drink and come and talk to me to make me look v popular! The event will be at Candid Arts, 3 Torrens St, Islington
London EC1V 1NQ, Right next to ANGEL TUBE!

There will be a special competition to enter to get your designs ACTUALLY MADE!
See you all there...lots to do....plus a run today, I am one busy Fish!

Monday, 8 November 2010


Move over Anneka, Challenge Louise is here. (Big Brother voice, geordie accent)
Daay 1 of Challenge, 16.36pm Louise goes on a run.

Right kids I am undertaking a 1 month challenging of exercising. Its 50 something days till Christmas and I'm going to want to pig out so the challenge starts here!! Please join me, add your comments, helpful advice and for god's sake go on a run too.

Yes 1st priority of course is to get some good gear to sweat in . Must be dressed well to distract from hot, red face.
Challenge is to prevent looking like this....
...and to look more like this!
off we go.......