Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Competition Time!

Design your own T-shirt screen print
and have it made by Just For The Halibut!!

Hello all,
Just For The Halibut is launching its 1st competition and reeling in some talent from the fishing loving world. Put down your nets, lay aside your waders, give those maggots a break (all fish references) and pick up a pen!
Drum Roll.....Dun Dun Duuun..........Winner will..
Receive a free copy of their design and see their design stocked in
YOUTH CLUB shop just off Carnaby St. They will also receive discount
for friends and family for up to 5 tees! XMAS presents ahoy!!

To enter....
Create you artwork on an A4 piece of paper,
scan in at a high resolution, at least 300dpi
and email to justforthehalibut@hotmail.co.uk by 30th NOV.
Remember to include you name...all runners up will be
featured here on the BLOG!!

Print must be either 1 or 2 colours......ie not a photo, we won't be printing digitally kids.
Can be either men or womens design
Be creative, quirky, funny and an original design.
Good Luck Fish Fans!!

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