Thursday, 30 June 2011


ARRRRRRRH Artsmart only flipping starts tomorrow!

I for one am excited! The Just For The Halibut machine has been busy churning out new products and getting all ready for the biggest even in the calendar so far this year!

Its going to be a cracking event....espec if the weather holds out for us!

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now news!!!
Special Time Out Event 6pm-8pm on Friday.....we will be trading till 8pm so if you can't come till after work this is for you!
Saturday....Victoria line is closed due to planned engineering work (grr) but there is bus replacement services! also it isn't too far a walk from Vauxhall, just cross the don't let any of this stop you from coming!
for all your deets!

Come and say hello to me on the JFTH stall!

x x x x

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Marcel Dzama

This weekend I had the chance to do some touristy arty cultural fun in that there London town as my dear friend Megan was visiting.

We were drawn to the Tate Modern to view the Taryn Simon exhibition but it was the work of Marcel Dzama that captured my imagination. A canadian artist who lives and works in New York, Dzama has a delicate style drawing humans, animals and creating a world of his own hybrids. The dark edge and humour to his work draws the viewer in as the narrative is not always clear on initial inspection.

Watercolour and pen are his tools of choice with specific muted colour palette that runs throughout. His style initially appears naive and understated but veers away from this with a complex undertone and subplot. The viewer is constantly questioning 'what is happening in this picture?'
I feel quite inspired and my unleash my imagination with a pen and paper and see what hybrids I can create especially ones with little sweaters on!

x x x

Friday, 17 June 2011

The Correspondents!!!!!!

Place: Charity event in Cargo, Shoreditch, London, When: last night.

This band is INCREDIBLE!!!!!!!!

Last night I danced, bounced, bopped and got covered in glitter whilst watching this ingenious band The Correspondents! I was a 1st timer seeing them with my old timer friends who insisted we had to stay, miss the last train home so we could see them and man was it worth it!

They are Mr Bruce (front man with the moves) and Chucks (Dj decks man). The energy levels in the room soared as soon as they were on stage and just so amazballs to watch live! Catchy rhythmic tunes where dance meets swing. Mr Bruce's singing/beatboxing/energy over the top mixed in with samples from every decade. It was eclectic dubby dancey swing with piazz!! ( i should probably 'review' for a living?!) and finished off with a jungle book sample!

Check out the clip above for a just a taster of Mr Bruce's stage moves, travelator and presence!


Thursday, 16 June 2011

Thursday Thirsty Fursday

Happy Thursday y'all.

Whilst potting around the design studio today I began to compile a little list of what my Thursday was shaping up to look like and inevitably what my Fri/Sat/Sun will look like!

So far
Listening to.... bit stuck in a dub step dance/retro dance off with myself today
Dj Fresh Louder ( club mixes and what not)

Eating .....
Noodles, those packets of Noodle Soup from that there asia. The ones that openly admit in the ingredients to MSG.
Peyton and Bryne Dark Chocolate, and lots of Rooibos Tea.

Looking at.....
I stumbled across these gorgeous hand made bird mobiles while doing some research for a women's wear t-shirt placement.
Diesel Black dress with Feather print and spotty scarf in my hair.

Can't stay away from....!?

x x x x

Monday, 13 June 2011

MeAndTheMannequins: Inflated Hearts Video

MeAndTheMannequins: Inflated Hearts Video

This is very good! I am enjoying a little listen while I do some designing!

JFTH x x

The Countdown Begins!!!

Hello Fish Fans!

The countdown to Just For The Halibut involvement in ARTSMART has begun!

100 Arts and Crafts stalls, live music, food, talks and much more is happening July 1st and 2nd at Chelsea College of Art, nearest tube Pimlico- 10-6pm!

Its going to be the best way to cheer up those summer blues (where is the sunshine?) to get inspired and have a lovely day out with chums!

just to give you a little taster . . .