Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Marcel Dzama

This weekend I had the chance to do some touristy arty cultural fun in that there London town as my dear friend Megan was visiting.

We were drawn to the Tate Modern to view the Taryn Simon exhibition but it was the work of Marcel Dzama that captured my imagination. A canadian artist who lives and works in New York, Dzama has a delicate style drawing humans, animals and creating a world of his own hybrids. The dark edge and humour to his work draws the viewer in as the narrative is not always clear on initial inspection.

Watercolour and pen are his tools of choice with specific muted colour palette that runs throughout. His style initially appears naive and understated but veers away from this with a complex undertone and subplot. The viewer is constantly questioning 'what is happening in this picture?'
I feel quite inspired and my unleash my imagination with a pen and paper and see what hybrids I can create especially ones with little sweaters on!

x x x

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