Friday, 17 June 2011

The Correspondents!!!!!!

Place: Charity event in Cargo, Shoreditch, London, When: last night.

This band is INCREDIBLE!!!!!!!!

Last night I danced, bounced, bopped and got covered in glitter whilst watching this ingenious band The Correspondents! I was a 1st timer seeing them with my old timer friends who insisted we had to stay, miss the last train home so we could see them and man was it worth it!

They are Mr Bruce (front man with the moves) and Chucks (Dj decks man). The energy levels in the room soared as soon as they were on stage and just so amazballs to watch live! Catchy rhythmic tunes where dance meets swing. Mr Bruce's singing/beatboxing/energy over the top mixed in with samples from every decade. It was eclectic dubby dancey swing with piazz!! ( i should probably 'review' for a living?!) and finished off with a jungle book sample!

Check out the clip above for a just a taster of Mr Bruce's stage moves, travelator and presence!


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