Thursday, 16 June 2011

Thursday Thirsty Fursday

Happy Thursday y'all.

Whilst potting around the design studio today I began to compile a little list of what my Thursday was shaping up to look like and inevitably what my Fri/Sat/Sun will look like!

So far
Listening to.... bit stuck in a dub step dance/retro dance off with myself today
Dj Fresh Louder ( club mixes and what not)

Eating .....
Noodles, those packets of Noodle Soup from that there asia. The ones that openly admit in the ingredients to MSG.
Peyton and Bryne Dark Chocolate, and lots of Rooibos Tea.

Looking at.....
I stumbled across these gorgeous hand made bird mobiles while doing some research for a women's wear t-shirt placement.
Diesel Black dress with Feather print and spotty scarf in my hair.

Can't stay away from....!?

x x x x

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