Thursday, 28 April 2011

Royal wedding fever!!

Hello Kids!,

I am jumping aboard the royal wedding bandwagon! Tomorrow (day of wedding) I am settling down to watch the wedding from my tellybox....then later in the afternoon going to a street party in that there London town.

I thought I'd share a couple of my favourite pieces of memorabilia for the day. Unknown plate of awesomeness, Cath Kidston tea towel and Rob Ryan plate.

Particularly the "should have been me" plate, girls up and down the country are watching their chances of being a princess disappear before their very eyes.. there is still Harry I suppose!

Have an amazing long weekend y'all! x x x

Tuesday, 26 April 2011


Happy easter fish fans!
Just For The Halibut is proud to announce its involement in ARTSMART!
A giant arts and crafts market hosted by University of the Arts on July 1st and 2nd, 10am- 6pm!

Yes indeedy! this is going to be a big one! 100 artists, craftmens and stall holders alike will be gathering in Chelsea College of art for a 2 day event! There will be food, live music and oodles of shopping to be had!

Have a gander at the website where you can view all the different stalls involved, buy advanced tickets and get all the lovely information! Here you can see the page with the stall holders including moi JFTH!

There will be some new products from Just For The Halibut.....and yes ! you will hear about it here 1st!

Ahoy there mateys, over and out!
x x x

Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Devon in Histamatic!

Well fish fans, you may remember a couple of weeks ago I spent the weekend down in Devon with some lovely chums...Here are a couple of photos from the weekend!
I'm a big fan of the histamatic app on the iphone ( i don't actually have an iphone) but I manage to surround myself with people that do!
Dreamy, lazy 70's style photos, distort the colour and light and basically make it look like your parents photo album from 'when they met', minus the platforms and the hair.

Full credit to Jo (check out her blog here ) for these photos of the beautiful town of Dartmouth and a wonderful wkend spent with friends. To top it all off, its only bloody, 5 thousand bank holidays of easter/may fun coming up again, here's to royal weddings, resurrection of christ and the caramel bunny.
x x x

Monday, 18 April 2011

Invasion of the KittyKat!

This weekend saw the arrival of a new house buddy! 'Steven" the cat! Ok he's not really called Steven but we thought it would be nice to call him after one of us, so Steve, my housemate, was the lucky chosen one!
Steven the cat appeared outside our kitchen door this weekend and meowed until someone let him in!
60% of the house are keen Cattyfiles so it seemed stupid not to let him in and feed him tuna, cuddle him, take him upstairs and generally grow way to attached to a passing cat.

Am secretly hoping he will leave wherever he lives now, move in with me and we will be very happy together.
Hi to the landlord if you are reading this...all of the above didn't actually happen, erm.

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Rob Ryan

Hello all!

Well I spend hours drawling the internet on a daily basis for inspirations, tit bits and to stay on top of things for trends and whatnot but I actually 1st viewed Rob Ryan's work in the V&A shop in Kensington, London. I was mulling something over this morning when his screen print popped into my head....a little research later and I have uncovered a multitude of his work.

The style, so delicate and feminine, created as if from dripping ink mixed with thoughts and feelings. What I find so nice is how the negative space becomes the positive space by the cutting out technique. His original paper works are hand cut and he has a series of screen prints, mugs, tee towels all in a similiar style. Very inspiring and I'm off to drop some BIG hints as its my birthday coming up soon!
x xx

Thursday, 7 April 2011

Facebook Page

Hey all!!

So exciting things on the horizon for JFTH and I'm putting my best foot forward to do a little promo far this means asking everyone very nicely if they can LIKE the Just For The Halibut FACEBOOK page!

Jump aboard that social networking train and help me get the flipping numbers up! So far we are on 24......I'm aiming for the stars...ok well to at least 200!!

so get liking peeps!!
x x x

Tuesday, 5 April 2011

70's and Topshop Love!

70's love!! I have gone and got a bit giddy about the lovely summery 70's inspired tones hitting the highstreet at the mo. I have a couple of pieces in fleshy pink, burnt orange and turtle grey....but quite frankly I need to some more to create the whole look.

Topshop is floating my boat, closely followed by Miss Selfridge (wherever Topshop goes Miss Selfridge is somewhere close hiding in the bushes). Its just getting me all in the mood to DRESS for summer , let alone pub gardens, bbqs...I have pulled out last years ballet pumps (they still go right?) and sky scraping wedges (must practice how to wear them again in prep) for the HEAT!
HEAT? can you hear me??? we are ready for you now!

love love on our hair and floaty love love

Friday, 1 April 2011


Devonshire , land of the brave and free! Well not exactly but I am certainly off there today to soak up some rain not rays. Once again reliable english weather has not failed to bring us a weekend of grey and rain! But I am going to embrace this. Towns must be visited, Cornish pasties must be ate and cider must be drunk!!

Hopefully a little scenery , fresh air and wonderful friends will distract entirely from the rain !
Have a good wkend y'all
JFTH x x