Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Rob Ryan

Hello all!

Well I spend hours drawling the internet on a daily basis for inspirations, tit bits and to stay on top of things for trends and whatnot but I actually 1st viewed Rob Ryan's work in the V&A shop in Kensington, London. I was mulling something over this morning when his screen print popped into my head....a little research later and I have uncovered a multitude of his work.

The style, so delicate and feminine, created as if from dripping ink mixed with thoughts and feelings. What I find so nice is how the negative space becomes the positive space by the cutting out technique. His original paper works are hand cut and he has a series of screen prints, mugs, tee towels all in a similiar style. Very inspiring and I'm off to drop some BIG hints as its my birthday coming up soon!
x xx

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