Monday, 26 July 2010

Beautiful Bryn Mawr, Philadelphia, USA

This is Bryn Mawr College on the outskirts of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA, where I am lucky enough to be spending some time. Beautifully set in a leafy campus the buildings date back to 1830's. Proudly the college boasts of its most famous student Katherine Hepburn and her naked runnings into the fountain which is now a yearly tradition!! The emblem of Bryn Mawr is the owl found printed on everything....I'm getting quite inspired for some owly prints and most charming can be found carved out of stone and reading books. Many of the buildings have owls doing various things and its bringing me no end of joy!

Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Gentlemen in Just For The Halibut and Mrs Jones!

I know this is terribly self indulgent but I just wanted to show some pics of Just For The Halibut tees being enjoyed out in the world. Its also high time I told you about the wonderful world of Mrs Jones. I have been lucky enough to design prints all over the world but I am very proud of some of my work for Mrs J (see clown tee). Stylist to the stars and creative force Fee Doran is a designer working under the label Mrs Jones in her studio in East London. The studio is a magical world of wonderment (i need some new words, preferably ones that make sense) and houses her back cataloge of outfits worn by Kylie, The Killers, Scissor Sisters and many many more. She is an advocate of young designers and recently had a launch party of her new collection featuring designs by Just For The Halibut. Her website merely skims the surface of her excellence and her blog is equally as fruity. Get your fill of clown prints for girls and boys by yours truly and enjoy a couple of snapshots of her studio.


Friday, 9 July 2010

Gnoming about!!

Have a look a look at these guys. I think they are literally amazing and please me no end. I came across these fellows on a trip to Derby this week. The garden was full of them and here is a selection of my favourites. Gnomes prints next for Just For The Halibut??!! Watch this space!
and little Gnomy number 3 with the wheelbarrow and the erm tan. soooooo good!!

Thursday, 8 July 2010

Summer evening bbqs

Day something-or-other of summer 2010 its turning out to be gorgeous. The let downs of the summers of yester-year are fading away and I can't even remember that summer when it rained the whole time. Well ok I can but lets focus on the positives.
This is the latest in what is good....

Barbequed vegetable skewers with Haloumi cheese drizzled in pesto (dunked in spicy bbq sauce)

ok it might sound weird but this divine combination will only illuminate your taste buds and encourage you to pursue that 6th wine spritzer. trust me.

In amongst the spritzers, haloumi and late afternoon sun i discovered my new favourite iphone app Hipstamatic ( ....turning digital images into dreamy textured vintage photos. Katie is modelling the women's crest Tee, size medium in pink available from Just For The Halibut x x x

Thursday, 1 July 2010

A Cat Called Glen

Since summer is in full swing in Londontown I thought I'd take a couple of new products into the garden (also referred to as the wilderness, land time forgot and the secret garden) to take a couple of pictures. New cushions in the shape of Salmons and Zebra Heads are about to hit my Etsy store but as you can see I got very distracted by the arrival of Glen, next doors cat so hung out with him instead. Not one to shy away from a camera!