Thursday, 8 July 2010

Summer evening bbqs

Day something-or-other of summer 2010 its turning out to be gorgeous. The let downs of the summers of yester-year are fading away and I can't even remember that summer when it rained the whole time. Well ok I can but lets focus on the positives.
This is the latest in what is good....

Barbequed vegetable skewers with Haloumi cheese drizzled in pesto (dunked in spicy bbq sauce)

ok it might sound weird but this divine combination will only illuminate your taste buds and encourage you to pursue that 6th wine spritzer. trust me.

In amongst the spritzers, haloumi and late afternoon sun i discovered my new favourite iphone app Hipstamatic ( ....turning digital images into dreamy textured vintage photos. Katie is modelling the women's crest Tee, size medium in pink available from Just For The Halibut x x x

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