Thursday, 18 November 2010


What an amazing night! My first stall, and quite frankly I had a great time. I met some great people, made some sales and yes.....WON the competition for BEST STALL. Thank you ECCA. So I trundled upstairs to hear the winner of the best stall, only to stand there and hear....."and the winner is Just For The Halibut"!!
Needless to say I had NOT prepared anything to say as it was so unexpected...I think I bumbled some thanks and some congratulations and legged it off stage with my bottle of CHAMPERS in hand!!
So I'm going to thank the people who I really should right now (I've gone all Halle Berry at the Oscars here) all the people at Ecca who put a great evening together and brought together many creative people from all disciplines. my tolerant and suportive flatmates, friends and boy.....who've all helped me and encouraged and put up with a phenomenal amount of mess making!
So now Just For The Halibut will have a stall at East London Design Show....arrrh!!!! Watch this space!!!