Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Bonnie Scotland

Rain, Haggis, Mountains called Bens, Iron Bru, Kilts, Charles Rennie Mackintosh. I have had the most wonderful taste of Scotland. Arrrr WEEEEEE noooo, Ya weeee scottash Lassie.

During the visit this weekend I discovered the work of artist David Farrer. These paper mache constructed heads are his creation and are on display in Cameron House on the edge of Loch Lomand.

They are a fantastical light hearted approach to the traditional game stuffed and mounted. Much larger than you think, the sculptures are constructed from recycled materials. A wire frame gives the original shape and layers of paper mache (yes think back to those times when you were 5 and you made a terrific mess paper mache-ing of a saturday). He uses newspapers, magazines and images that often juxtapose (arty farty word) the creature itself. To give you an example, the Rames head is branded with Motorola. Up close the construction tells its own story.

Just to share with you a couple of our moody rainy Scotland pics.........
Loch Lomand itself.

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