Monday, 23 May 2011

New products on Etsy!


Greetings all....exciting news in a Just For The Halibut capacity! New products on the Etsy Site! Click here for a goosey gander! I heart etsy a lot of the time as a platform for artists and craftsmen to sell their homemade is some of my wares!

This is one of the two black and white canvases I made...a floral explosion of fabric leaves, paper flowers, ink drawings and spray paint! Oodles of detail and time went into these and they are perfect for a contemporary living space!

Vintage Wallpaper Canvas. This is another labour of love. Using collaging I cut out florals from genuine wallpaper from 195o's. Combined with my own paper drawing and illustrations directly on the canvas. There is so much detail on the canvas and the longer you look the more you find.

Original Kevin the Crow Screen print. Hand printed here in London, I have only 4 of these left so they are pretty special. The hand drawn crow is printed on lovely thick Somerset Velvet paper, signed and dated!

Have a look, tell your friends x x x

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