Wednesday, 4 May 2011

How to be a unicorn!!

Forget the royal wedding I dressed up as a unicorn this weekend to celebrate the important landmark birthday of my friend Natalie! We partook in a little prancing round the park all in different animal costume under the gorgeous British sun!

me with the birthday tigress!

Here is your step by step guide to achieving the 'unicorn' look...
Firstly gather together a giant purple unicorn. Horses/ponies/zebra or any type of animal that looks pretty big will do. What you are looking for is to be able to fit your torso INSIDE that animal after a little tweaking.
Take a pair of scissors straight to the beast and cut down the belly and back. Then stick your hand right inside and yank out the stuffing.
All you need now is to yank your animal over your hips, attached some braces and VOILA you have your costume!
Time to hit the park! x x x


  1. Poor unicorn! You look so cute though.
    PS Miss you.

  2. So I know you're not eating it, but does this fit with your vegetarian values? ;-)