Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Two Sided, probably my favourite shop on the planet.

Whilst this blog is turning into Louise's rough guide to her travels this summer I have to share this shop I have found with all of you. We took ourselves off for a day of exploring and came across this little beauty of a shop in the outskirts of Chicago. Think Portabello market in London meets Urban Outfitters and they go on a date to the Contemporary Museum of Art in Chicago covered in chocolate sauce and everything is reasonably priced. Are you with me yet? This shop was the definition of lush and I fell just a little bit in love. I have always had secret fantasies about owning my own shop filled with trinkets, art, cats and things which make me laugh. All for folks who are as cheap as I am. Here are some pics to wet your appetite.
Check out there blog too!......Two sided, 2958 N Clark St
Chicago, IL 60657, United States


  1. when would I see your fox and fish at this store?

  2. Thanks for the great photos of our shop! We hope you don't mind we'll repost your page on our Facebook page!

    Thanks Again!

    Foursided and's all one word : )