Thursday, 30 September 2010

The Good, The Bad and The Weekend away.

Hello all! I haven't posted in a couple of weeks but have a valuable excuse. I've returned to England, moved house and tried to get everything in gear. Just For The Halibut is my priority fish fans so fear not, new excitement is on the horizon including a new website. All will be revealed!
In the meantime I've been to some shows ,one was brilliant and the other truly terribly but for the benefit of comparison I'm glad I attended the latter!

V. ~Good 9/10 Ghost Stories, a play at the Duke of York Theatre in Covent Garden. An unusual style of play set to scare and delight the audience. I loved it altho I prepared myself mentally for the fear factor. Ideal date to take a lady on if you would like to the squeal and jump on you several times during the show. I was lucky to have my boyfriend sitting next to me to hold my hand but the combination of the theatre effects in lighting and sound, the fact that if you leave the theatre re-admittance is prohibited and you aren't allowed to talk about the show once its over (its like fight club, the 1st rule of fight club is don't talk about fight club) makes it a really good show. Check out their website scaredy cats Ghost Stories

V. Bad 2/10 Going The Distance, film attempting to entertain in cinemas nation wide. Starring Drew Barrymore and Justin (looks like a neglected puppy) Long. I still may have not quite recovered from watching this film last night. It was a cheese board of predictability! Admittedly we did set out to eat popcorn and chocolate, chill out and engage in a chick flick so something with Drew Barrymore in I thought, must be good! All I want to know is who wrote it...sat back in their chair and thought....thats quite good, we should make it into a film. Non engaging emotional scenes that just filled in the gaps between the 3 jokes in the whole film, I failed to laugh, I did think about crying and left feeling frustrated that they didn't feel the need to challenge the audience in any way. Surely do they not realise that we have all been in long distance relationships? Ok, I don't think that was a plot spoiler but that is the pretense for the film, weak weak weak, like my feelings how attractive Juston Long is. If a film is coming to be rubbish I at least need some totty to get me through.
The weekend away is this weekend to celebrate my housemate's/co-worker's 30th..happy bday James....updates this week! Happy weekend y'all

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