Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Camber Sands!

Camber Sands! 3 things come to mind now when I think of the sands, firstly Inbetweeners and that episode when they go to Camber Sands caravan club. Secondly Caravans and thirdly a wonderful group of friends. So we trudled off to Camber Sands, me at the helm of my little Polo packed full of funny people to arrive to a grey grey shoreline. I always get a little over excited at a weekend away and have notoriously bad luck with the weather. his last weekend was no exception....it rained and rained and rained but I still had an incredibly fun weekend and James celebrated his 30th admirably!This is what it was supposed to look like....

This is what it did look like....

A wicked selection of people, a 3 storey log cabin, a roast dinner, silly party drinking games ,
a photoshoot and a lethal punch! What brilliant time! I now have lurgy as a result of having such a good time! Thanks guys!!x x x

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