Monday, 18 October 2010

Graffiti'd London

Spray paint galore!!! I'm a big fan of Graffiti, see previous posts, when its done tastefully. I'm always snapping away as I think graffiti is such a temporary art form, turn around, and its gone!
Saturday saw me pottering round Broadway Market, I went to see my friend Lizzie's stall of trinkets and wonderments.... read her blog here, She is a talented lady making fashions and jewellery and braving the english weather every week.

I was lucky enough on my travels down to Old St to find Graffiti ACTUALLY HAPPENING. Spray cans, mess, masks, on lookers, and slightly abstract art. This estate agents was being shown who's boss.

This is pretty good too, made up of spots, look closely! Cross eye'd is under rated if you ask me.

This is one of my favs. This face has be etched out of a painted wall. Its very hard to see in a photo but the brown is brick underneath...I would recommend going to see for yourself, Found next to the Big Chill Bar just off Brick Lane. Most reasonably priced gallery is the streets of London!

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