Thursday, 13 January 2011

I'm featured on !!

Hello Y'all and a happy new year 2011, merriments, peace and love!

Oh Crikey I sound like a hippy! 2011 is currently turning out to be a turbulent emotional rollercoaster so far...mind you we are only 11 days in so I'm sure the year is not doomed. As we are all trying desperately to reconnect with our lives post xmas, festivities plans and changes are key!.....details to follow on Just For The Halibut's new plans...
In the meantime...I stumbled upon this little bit of press covering the ECCA Stall thought I'd share as seen on artsthread


Creative Fair & Creative Enterprise Awards, ECCA
Accessories, Design Art, Furniture, Product Design

The Creative Enterprise Awards is an initiative of The Enterprise Centre for the Creative Arts (ECCA), which offers free creative business services and advice to students and graduates of the University of the Arts London who have either set up their own business within the last 3 years, or are thinking about starting one or going freelance.

The Awards took place in November at Candid Arts, Islington and the space was also filled with a variety of stalls manned by UAL students and graduates, with festive pressie ideas, cards etc, all for under £10. In fact, there was a prize given to the Best Stand at the Creative Fair which was won by Louise Salmon for her label Just for the Halibut, selling colourful screen printed cushions, bags, scarves and t-shirts. A special mention went to Cabinet of Curiosity by Caroline Collinge, who is currently studying for a PhD at LCF and creates beautiful pieces from pleated and folded newsprint.

Louise Salmon & Just for the Halibut; Cabinet of Curiosity

cool huh!

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