Friday, 4 February 2011

Mention on The Jelly Empire Blog!

Greetings everyone!
I have another mention on a blog that I'd like to share with you all! I promise this blog isn't turning into 'finding myself on the internet and blogging about it' and I will be blogging more from now on!

The slight sporadicfication of my blogging (what? I'm just making up words now) is over and I'm back with inspiration, tales and Halibut news!
Have a look on The Jelly Empire Blog
For robot inspired beauty, artwork, tees and the cutest buttons!

Here is the blog! ....Its me in a flatcap......please note I was unbelieveably cold during the last Halibut stall...but Leather Lane was great. "come and get your Amadillo cushions" and "two fer a pound, twoooooo fer a pound, come and getit" were my fave market sayings despite not selling anything that were 2 for £1....a ludacris amount for all the hard slog I put into everything!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Just For The Halibut

While on my little adventure in London, I got chance to see my old NY housemate and good friend Louise Salmon!

Louise Salmon is the master mind behind 'Just For The Halibut', where she has all sorts of goodies for your eyes to see. Tees, limited edition screen prints, cushions, bags.. there is nothing this girl can't do!

For more info on items or into to the mind of Miss Salmon you can follow her on Blogspot, Etsy and also on Facebook.

I was lucky enough to see this lovely lady in action doing one of her open air market stalls. Here are some pics!!

This lovely passerby is Sarah Morley another NYC friend! Go check out her fantastic lomography on her Etsy site!!


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